Overview of MN Transportation Program

The DAV of MN Transportation Program provides free transportation to Veterans in Minnesota to attend their VA medical appointments at four regional medical centers, or locally based clinics. The program has 34 vehicles stationed in 20 communities around the state.

The transportation program is a unique partnership between federal, state, county resources and the DAV of MN. Veterans are transported by our cadre of over 100 volunteers throughout the state of MN. This amazing group of people made it possible for the DAV of MN in 2017 to transport 32,000 over one million miles.

DAV of MN Transportation Report 2017

General Ridership Information

  • Transportation is provided free of charge. Riders on DAV of MN Programs are not eligible to collect travel pay, since there is no cost incurred.
  • Veterans are encouraged to request transportation as soon as they know about their appointment(s) and at least a week prior.
  • Rides are always first-come first-serve and based on availability Monday – Friday.
  • Last minute requests are extremely difficult to accommodate, however, we will do our best.
  • Riders may have to wait prior to, or after appointments, to serve other ride requests.
  • Every attempt is made to prevent extended wait times.
  • Family members and caregivers may ride along, space dependent. Please mention this when scheduling your ride as several rides may be bundled together to maximize route effectiveness.
  • Please let your Transportation Coordinator know if you have any mobility limitations, require a walker, manual wheelchair, oxygen tank or have other needs.

For information on Transportation please view your specific area

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Thank you to MDVA and the SOT program for the continuous support to the DAV MN Transportation program