Veteran Support

DAV of Minnesota supports and advocates for Minnesota Veterans disabled in the defense of our nation

Minnesota Veterans answered when their state and nation called on them and it’s our turn to be there for them. Our statewide membership network of 32 chapters is comprised exclusively of disabled Minnesota veterans. From transporting veterans to medical appointments to collecting clothing donations to rallying at the Capitol for Veteran legislation, our members and supporters are working to ensure Veterans prosper long after they hang up the uniform.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to one clear mission: to better the lives of Minnesota’s disabled Veterans and their families.

Disabled American Veterans – DAV of Minnesota – is dedicated to a single purpose: keeping our promise to America’s Veterans. We accomplish this by ensuring that Veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them, fighting for the legislative interests of America’s injured heroes in both Washington and St. Paul, providing employment resources to Veterans and their families, and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of Veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

DAV Department of Minnesota

With more than 19,000 members and 32 chapters across the state, DAV of Minnesota was built on the concept of “Veterans serving Veterans.” Through our network of services, we are leading the way to provide a lifetime of support for Veterans and their families.

MN DAV Department

DAV of Minnesota Chapter Resources

Nestled within 32 communities, our DAV of Minnesota chapters address the needs of local Veterans and their families day in and day out. Independently run by volunteer members, they raise awareness, fundraise and create programs to fulfill our promises to those who served.

MN DAV Chapter Resources

Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota Foundation

The DAV of Minnesota Foundation has been responsible for improving the lives of Minnesota Veterans since 1991. Operating as the “Giving Arm” of the DAV Minnesota, the Foundation provides the financial resources to support quality programs, services, and projects across Minnesota.

DAV Foundation

DAV of MN Chapter Members

Get involved. Every single benefit that Minnesota Veterans have today as some point started as a piece of legislation.

Trent Dilks
Trent DilksDAV of Minnesota Legislative Director

DAV of Minnesota is always there fighting for new legislative bills to go through for Veterans.

Kurt Ellefson
Kurt EllefsonDAV of Minnesota Crookston Chapter 14

Made up of 19,000 members and 32 chapters across the state, DAV of Minnesota is run by Veterans serving fellow Veterans.

Ellsworth Fields
Ellsworth FieldsDAV of Minnesota Rochester Chapter 28

We are fortunate to be in such a caring society here in Minnesota that truly looks out for the interests of our Veterans and their families.

John Walker
John WalkerDAV of Minnesota
St. Paul Chapter 2

The DAV of Minnesota Foundation has been responsible for improving the lives of Minnesota Veterans and their families since 1991.

Lauri Brooke
Lauri BrookeDAV of Minnesota Foundation

Our men and women who served in the armed forces directly benefit by household donations. Thank you to all Minnesotans who donate.

Sam Hansen
Sam HansenDAV of Minnesota Driver

Since 1925, DAV of Minnesota has served as the official voice of Minnesota’s service-connected disabled Veterans, their families and survivors.

Stephen “Butch” Whitehead
Stephen "Butch" WhiteheadDAV of Minnesota Department Adjutant

Our services are free of charge to Minnesota Veterans and their families and are totally supported by membership dues and charitable contributions from the public. DAV of Minnesota receives no federal funds to support our Veterans.

Stephanie Zeimetz
Stephanie ZeimetzDAV of Minnesota Transportation Manager

One of the reasons that I stay involved in DAV is because I feel they are so inclusive of younger Veterans and women Veterans, and I feel welcome.

Ashley Laganiere
Ashley LaganiereDAV of Minnesota Rochester Chapter 28