Understand the Veteran Benefits You’ve Earned

Don’t wait to make a case for the benefits you’ve earned. DAV of Minnesota has been helping disabled Veterans, their dependents and survivors navigate the complex claims process for decades.

Let our trained staff support and guide you.

National Service Officers

National Service Officers are staff members who assist disabled veterans with their claims. As Servicemembers who have been disabled in our nation’s defense themselves, our NSOs have had special training to allow them to function as representatives for you and your family.

This free service has helped thousands like you apply successfully for:

  • VA disability compensation
  • Education programs
  • Death benefits
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Pensions
  • Employment and training programs

Help is just a phone call away! Contact the NSO at (612) 970-5665 or email [email protected].

Find directions to meet with your NSO here: Find the street address and directions to the NSO here.

Department Service Officers

Zach Johnson, Department Service Officer
Cell 612-364-5358
Email [email protected]
Location: Rotates