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Veterans outdoors fosters healing through nature and camaraderie

The Veteran Outdoor Program is committed to providing opportunities for Veterans to heal through nature. From fishing to hunting, Veterans of all backgrounds experience camaraderie and connection.

Our Mission

The mission of the DAV of Minnesota Outdoors Program is to provide Veteran recreational therapy through outdoor events to positively engage Veterans, increase their strength and endurance, and ultimately enhance their quality of life.


Program Objectives

Our outdoors program advances the strong tradition of supporting Veterans through the bounty of nature, both in Minnesota and beyond. Body, mind, and soul are considered when we design our outdoor programming for Veterans. Participants report that their experiences help them overcome barriers, develop bonds with other Veterans, and reinforce that they can still do anything they set their minds to. Our objectives – and these results – tie to key components of outdoor recreational therapy, including connection with nature, connection with self and others and challenging the body to regain strength and confidence. Our program objectives include:

  • To provide a positive environment: Veterans are able to relax and reconnect with nature.
  • Provide unique outdoor experiences: Designed to improve Veteran hand-eye coordination, strength, and endurance, our experiences will challenge Veterans physically and mentally.
  • Foster positive social interactions: We provide space for Veterans of all age groups, sexes, and backgrounds to build relationships based on their service, which connects them for life.

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MN DAV Master Outdoor Sponsors

Our supporters make it possible for DAV of Minnesota to provide opportunities for Veterans to get outdoors. We are grateful for their dedication to healing Veterans through nature.

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