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Treaties are signed and the battles of nations end, but the personal battles of those disabled by war only begin when the guns fall silent. These men and women struggle to regain health, reshape lives transformed by disability, learn new trades or professions, and rejoin the civilian world.

At each step, they need help to help themselves. At each step, the women and men of the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota (DAV MN) provide that help free of charge.

DAV MN is the state branch of a national organization. We are a membership organization made up of women and men disabled in our nation’s defense. We are not a political association. We seek to defend the rights and interests of disabled veterans of all shades of political opinion.

Visit the veterans’ section now and learn more about the help that DAV MN provides. Interested in membership? Read about the benefits, and how your membership  helps us serve others.

Adjutant Whitehead

Adjutant Update

What can I say about the DAV that you all do not already know, you are all part of the best veterans organization.  The DAV MN continues to grow and  support the ever growing need of taking care of those that have made sacrifices for our nation, the disabled veterans.  It is such an honor…


Commander Update

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter and the Holiday Season is upon us so as we move into celebrating with our families I would like to remind everyone that it is a very special time of year so please drive careful and enjoy your time with your family this season. It has been…