Rainy Lake Houseboat Trip





When we started off this trip the weather was beautiful and we were a group of stranger jumping onto a houseboat for a five day journey on Rainy Lake in Northern MN.

It didn’t take more than an hour for the stories to start rolling and the group became well acquainted friends. If a person didn’t know any better they would have thought the group had known each other for years.

Even though it was a tough time fishing we did manage to get some on the line and have a great time getting to know one another and relax with the scenic view all around us. With the beautiful weather we even found time to take a swim in the lake and let’s not forget the competition of playing a little 500 against each other.

For many this trip was the trip of a lifetime being able to get back into the outdoors and become kids again while they climbed the rocks and hunted for blueberries. It was definitely a trip for the books that I will not soon forget.