February Legislative Update

The legislative session is in full swing in St. Paul. So far there have been several bills introduced that may have an impact on Veterans across the state. Below I will highlight a few of them.

  • HF 142 & SF 356- These would increase the amount of preference points a Disabled Veteran receives when applying for state jobs and promotions. However, it would also raise the level from compensable (10%) to 30% service connected disability rating. If this change were to happen it may affect thousands of Veterans who are currently service connected below 30%.
  • HF 125 & SF 199- These bills would provide a state tax credit to qualified employers who hire disabled Veterans, unemployed Veterans or Veterans. The tax credit would range from $500-$3000.
  • HF 116 & SF 147- These would create a policy to assist persons with Traumatic Brain Injuries with finding employment.
  • HF 243 & SF 356- Bills to place the Purple Heart logo on MN drivers license. Veterans with the Purple Heart on their license would then be able to get into MN State Parks without being charged.

For more legislative resources check out  Legislative Affairs

These are just a few of the dozens of bills that have been introduced that may have an effect on Veterans across the state. If you have any questions, feedback, opinions or would like further information on what is happening at the Legislature please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 651-788-3186.