September 5th – 10th

Experience Glacier National Park’s pristine forests, rugged mountains, thundering waterfalls, and spectacular lakes from the comfort of a local lodge. Our guides will help you explore some of Glacier’s most spectacular trails. Raft the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, swim in Lake McDonald from a pristine beach, and sample huckleberry flavored treats. We’ll travel along the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road, stopping to take in the scenic vistas and hike the famed Highline Trail.

What to Expect

TERRAIN/ROUTE CHOICES: Glacier National Park offers a wide range of hiking route options from very easy to difficult. Come prepared for easy to moderately difficult day hikes, which will involve distances between 1 and 5 miles.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: You will be hiking in varied terrain and weather conditions. No previous experience is needed to complete this trip.

WEATHER: Due to high elevations, temperatures in the summer months fluctuate from 35° F to 95° F. Temperatures change quickly.

WHERE YOU WILL SLEEP: At night, you will sleep in a single or double occupancy lodge room.

YOUR GROUP: Your groups will be made up of 4-12 people and 2 Wilderness Inquiry guides. Each group consists of people of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including people with disabilities. Our trips are cooperative adventures and people pitch in as they are able.

MEALS: The food we bring is plentiful and nutritious. You can expect great breakfasts served with fresh coffee, trail lunches, a variety of snacks, and delicious dinners with dessert. If you have special dietary restrictions, be sure to list them on your registration.

EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING: Wilderness Inquiry will provide all group gear and equipment. You will be assigned the same gear for the duration of your trip, and it will be sanitized between trips. You will need to provide your personal gear as outlined in the packing list. If you are new to outdoor activities, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Wilderness Inquiry can usually arrange for you to borrow most items.

MEDICATIONS: Please list all of your medications on your registration form. Consider bringing two sets of your medications: one set that can be kept with you, and another set that will be kept by your trip leaders. If you need assistance taking your medications, please explain on your registration form. Wilderness Inquiry will bring a collection of over-the-counter medications (ibuprofen, Advil, anti-nausea, etc.).

CELL PHONES AND OTHER DEVICES: You are welcome to bring cell phones and other devices like cameras, but they are your responsibility to take care of. You may have inconsistent cell service, so we encourage you to unplug! Wilderness Inquiry is not responsible for any lost or broken electronic devices.

SAFETY & EMERGENCIES WHILE ON TRAIL: All Wilderness Inquiry guides possess experience in administering First Aid, CPR, and Water Safety, carry fully-stocked first aid kits, GPS communication devices, and are trained on how to respond to emergencies while on trail. If a loved one is participating in a Wilderness Inquiry experience and you need to contact them due to an emergency, please call the Wilderness Inquiry main phone line at (612) 676-9400. We will work to get in contact with trip leaders as soon as possible.

COVID POLICY: We continue to monitor and update our COVID-19 policies. Wilderness Inquiry strongly encourages everyone to be fully up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccination and take other necessary steps for the health and wellness of all. We ask you to self-screen for any signs of illness before your trip’s departure. Please contact Wilderness Inquiry if you are exhibiting signs of illness. We will also continue to follow all guidance and requirements of locations that we travel, keeping in mind some international destinations do require vaccinations and/or negative COVID tests. We will update this policy as new information and guidance become available.

GROUP EXPECTATIONS: To facilitate a safe and inclusive environment where we can all come together as our true selves, feel supported, and enjoy the outdoors in community, we have developed community agreements that align with Wilderness Inquiry’s core values and brand promise. We ask that you review these before your adventure so you can help Wilderness Inquiry create an inclusive environment for all.


Application closes July 19, 2024

Notifications made on or before July 26. 2024

Notifications will be made by email entered on application. Failure to provide email will result in your application being removed from the lottery. If you have not seen notification by July 26, please check your spam folder before calling in.

Glacier National Park Hike and Explore

CONFIDENTIAL HEALTH INFORMATION – Please answer all questions thoroughly! Wilderness Inquiry and the DAV serves people of all abilities. We ask the following confidential questions to get a better understanding of you. These questions do not reflect what your actual trip activities will be.

Do you have any sensory, physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities?
Are you currently under the care of any medical specialists?
Are you currently taking prescription medications?
Do you use a wheelchair, crutches, or other assistive devices?
Do you have any allergies to medications?
Do you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Check any boxes that apply to you:
Do you require a caregiver to participate?
Do you use any adaptive or mobility equipment?
Do you have the ability to get transportation to/from the event?

Emergency Information

OPTIONAL INFORMATION - We are sometimes asked for the following information about the people we serve. Your responses to the questions are voluntary and will not affect your participation in our programs.

What is your race?