Foundation Board Self-Assessment

This assessment is a tool to evaluate the effectiveness and involvement of the Board. We thank you for participated. All responses are anonymous.

Foundation Board Self-Assessment

Board & Organizational Structure

• The organization’s structure (board, officers, committees, executives and staff) is clear to the Board.
• The Board’s structure allows us to get our work done in a timely and effective way.
• The size of the Board is appropriate.

Board & Staff

• Communication between the board and the staff is consistent and appropriate.
• The Board focuses on strategic and policy-related decisions that support the mission and effectively guide operational activities of staff.
• The Board and the Executive Director effectively communicate and provide mutual feedback.

Policy Making

• Organization policies are effectively communicated to all Board members.
• If a new policy is needed for the Board, staff or the organization as a whole, the tope is clearly presented to and discussed by the Board.


• Board members understand the organization’s mission and programs.
• The Board is briefed by staff on annual plans.
• The organization has clear goals resulting from relevant and realistic strategic planning.
• The Board regularly monitors and evaluates progress toward strategic goals and program performance.

Fiscal Management Practices

• The Board receives regular reports on finances/budget and other important financial matters and detail is sufficient to provide meaningful insight.
• The Board members are fully aware of their legal responsibility for the organization’s fiscal management.


• The organization’s fundraising needs and strategies are understood by the Board.
• Board members play an active role in the organization’s fundraising efforts.
• Staff enables the Board members to effectively engage in fundraising efforts.

Board Meetings

• The Board Chair conducts the board meetings in an effective manner
• The current Board meeting schedule and time work well for my schedule.
• The Board meeting agendas reflect the priorities of the organization.
• The Board encourages candid conversation among members and rigorous decision-making.
• The Board members receive the right amount of informational material upon which to make decisions.

Board Membership

• The Board is comprised of an effective mix of expertise, perspective, cultural, occupational and personal backgrounds.
• The Board actively recruits new Board members based on identified needs and not merely to fill a Board vacancy.
• The Board orientation I received effectively prepared me for Board membership.

Board Satisfaction

• As a Board member I feel involved and interested in the Board’s work.
• The Board decision-making outcomes are positive and beneficial to organization and constituents.
• The Board effectively represents the organization to the community.
• The Board is committed to being held accountable for its actions and decisions.
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