Women’s trips are designed to introduce and deepen the unique and meaningful benefits of time spent in nature within a safe space inclusive of all women. Join us on a kayak tour of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Experience a series of sea kayaking and hiking day trips from our Little Sand Bay Base Camp, including beautiful Sand Island, the Mawikwe Sea Caves, Bark Bay Slough, or the shipwrecks of Red Cliff Bay. So many day trip options await you on this popular Apostle Islands offering just north of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

July 18-21

What to Expect

ACCOMMODATIONS: You will enjoy your stay at our Little Sand Bay Base Camp. At night you will sleep on comfortable cots in platform tents. Typically, there are 2-3 people per 4-person platform tent (other arrangements can be made). Our Little Sand Bay Base Camp has very nice bathrooms and shower facilities with hot water.

MEALS: We’ll enjoy preparing our meals together in our rustic base camp kitchens using fresh, healthy ingredients for bountiful dishes. Rise to the smell of freshly brewed coffee to enjoy with your breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, or granola. We’ll pack picnic lunches with hearty snacks before heading off to explore. In the evening, we’ll prepare our dinner together over stoves and campfires and then finish with s’mores or a glass of wine. If you have special dietary restrictions, be sure to list them on your registration.

ACTIVITIES ON YOUR TRIP: You will paddle in Current Design sea kayaks which hold 2 or 3 people plus all necessary gear. An average day’s travel consists of 2-6 paddling and/or hiking hours, depending on weather conditions. Travel distances vary from 4-6 miles each day. No previous sea kayaking experience is needed to complete this trip.

YOUR GROUP: The group size ranges from 6 to 12 participants, plus 2 or more Wilderness Inquiry guides. Each group consists of people of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including people with disabilities. Our Apostle Islands kayak trips are cooperative adventures and people pitch in with camp chores as they are able.

EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING: Wilderness Inquiry will provide all group equipment. You will need to provide your personal gear as outlined in the packing list. If you are new to outdoor activities, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Wilderness Inquiry can usually arrange for you to borrow most items.

MEDICATIONS: Please list all of your medications on your registration form. Consider bringing two sets of your medications: one set that can be kept with you, and another set that will be kept by your trip leaders. If you need assistance taking your medications, please explain on your registration form. Wilderness Inquiry will bring a collection of over the counter medications (ibuprofen, Advil, anti-nausea, etc.).

CELL PHONES AND OTHER DEVICES: You are welcome to bring cell phones and other devices like cameras, but they are your responsibility to take care of. You may have inconsistent cell service, so we encourage you to take the opportunity to unplug! Wilderness Inquiry is not responsible for any lost or broken electronic devices.

SAFETY & EMERGENCIES WHILE ON TRAIL: All Wilderness Inquiry guides possess experience in administering First Aid, CPR, and Water Safety, carry fully-stocked first aid kits, GPS communication devices, and are trained on how to respond to emergency situations while on trail. If a loved one is participating in a Wilderness Inquiry experience and you need to get in contact with them due to an emergency, please contact the Wilderness Inquiry main phone line at (612) 676-9400. We will work to get in contact with trip leaders as soon as possible.

COVID POLICY: Wilderness Inquiry strongly encourages everyone to be fully up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccination and take other necessary steps for the health and wellness of all. We ask you to self-screen for any signs of illness prior to your trip’s departure. Please contact Wilderness Inquiry if you are exhibiting signs of illness.

GROUP EXPECTATIONS: To facilitate a safe and inclusive environment where we can all come together as our true selves, feel supported, and enjoy the outdoors in community, we have developed community agreements that align with Wilderness Inquiry’s core values and brand promise. We ask that you review these before your adventure so you can help Wilderness Inquiry create an inclusive environment for all.

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