Enter Your Volunteer Hours

Volunteers perform a wide range of duties. You can find the opportunity to serve that's right for you.

Are you participating in the Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP)? You can use this form to quickly and easily submit your monthly volunteer hours.

LVAP was created to help track and honor the unique contributions of everyone who support our nation’s disabled veterans. Here are some examples of volunteer activities that you can track using the form below:

  • Benefit Seminars
  • Chapter Work
  • Color Guard
  • Forget-Me-Nots
  • Chapter Clothing
  • Visiting Veterans
  • Staffing Fair Booths
  • Anything that benefits Minnesota veterans!

If you have any questions about your volunteer activities, LVAP, or about submitting your hours via this form you can email John, or call him at 651.291.1212.

Submit Your Volunteer Hours

Use this short form to submit your LVAP volunteer hours from the past month. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

Activity Categories:
A: Chapter Service Officer Work (Must Be Certified)
B: Department Service Officer Work (Must Be Certified)
C: DAV Outreach (DAV Specific Outreach, National Guard Mobilization/Demobilization, Etc.)
D: Fundraising (Forget Me Nots, Sweepstakes, Golden Corral, Etc.)
E: DAV 5k (National Series 5k events only)
F: DAV/DAV Auxiliary Special Events (State Fair, Homeless Stand Down, Etc. to include event planning)
Not including DAV National Series 5k events.
G: Direct assistance to veterans, spouses and families (Yard Work, Home Repairs, Grocery Shopping, Caregiver Respite, Rides to medical appointments – private vehicle, Etc.)
H: Seminars, workshops, training and activities designed to operate Chapter/Department smoothly, VAVS Certification, Volunteer Driver Certification
and thrift store hours (not compensated)
I: Grassroot Legislation (Hours completed by Benefits Protection Team Leaders ONLY)

Enter the number of hours you spent doing each type of work. If you didn\’t do a particular type of volunteer work this month, just leave the category blank.

reCAPTCHA is required.

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