Veterans Transportation to Area VA Medical Centers – NW MN Counties

St. Paul, Minn: The DAV of MN Northwest Veterans Transportation Office is now providing transportation using three new Ford Flex seven passenger vans donated to the VA medical centers of St. Cloud and Fargo to be used for the sole purpose of serving the veterans of NW Minnesota.

These Ford Flex sedans were purchased with donations from the DAV of MN Foundation, the National DAV Columbia Trust Foundation, the MN Veterans 4 Veterans Trust Fund and several local DAV chapters as well as local businesses. The vans have been placed in NW MN communities and are providing transportation to and from the Fargo and St. Cloud VAs medical facilities for any veteran who is in need of transport.  One sedan is departing from Bemidji to the Fargo VAMC and the other is departing from Park Rapids to Fargo VAMC. We have just completed our final phase with the third van running from Wheaton to the Fargo VAMC and St. Cloud VAMC.  Each route has designated stops along the way.

The program began transporting on November 13, 2013, and since that time our volunteer drivers have transported over 30 local veterans and driven over 3,000 miles in an effort to provide veterans the care they need.  Initial feedback
from the veterans and County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO) has been extremely positive. This program has now afforded veterans in our rural communities the means and way to receive the care they need at no cost to them.

On a Statewide basis, the DAV in partnership with the MN counties provided during the past year transportation to over 26,000 veterans, over 1.7M miles, thanks to volunteer drivers who have contributed over 80,000 volunteer hours providing this service. This effort has truly improved the quality of life for many veterans and their families and provides the DAV a great opportunity for the organization to act on their purpose of fulfilling the promises they have made to those men and women who have served our Country.

To learn more about the project or schedule a ride call 1-855-277-9787.