Veterans from Minneapolis Veterans Home Enjoy Fishing Trip

Veterans Campground on Minnesota’s Big Marine Lake is a family campground that provides facilities and opportunities for recreation,rest, aDSC00453nd recovery for all who have served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States, whether still serving or have served in the past, their families, and sponsored guests, explained Ken Gibson, past St. Paul Chapter 2 commander. He went on to say.  “We left the Minneapolis Veterans home with a bus load of Veterans for the one hour ride to the lake.  At the dock, we assisted the Veterans one a
t a time aboard the pontoon boat waiting to take them fishing.

The camp provided us with a guide and an assistant to all the hotspots on the lake where we started fishing with the poles and fishing equipment the Camp had supplied for our use.  With a bit of luck and good bait, the veterans started to catch some fish.  At noon, we took a break from fishing and DSC00449ate a few sandwiches of peanut butter for those who wanted them and we also had some ham and cheese milk and or water.  We then moved over to west side of the lake the guide pointed out the Eagles nest on the point up high in the tree near the small island on the way to the other side near to the docks of the camp.  We then fished awhile there and all the large fish we caught were clean and taken back to the Veterans’ Home for a fishfry later that day.  We then departed the pontoon and gathered on the beach where we took some photos of all the fishing crew of veterans and proceeded to reload the bus for the trip back to the home. A good time was had for all who went fishing at the Big Marine Rest Camp.”