Membership Update 9/30/2015

Dear Comrades;

At this year 2016 National Convention in Atlanta. I want to see MN as the number 1 Department in Our Division again. (% of new life members over quota). We have won this award for Ten years in a row!! What a great photo it would make. To see Commander Remus, receiving this award on behalf of our DAV DEPARTMENT. In Atlanta Georgia, next August.

However, winning awards should not be our primary goal…our primary goal should be to recruit our fellow disabled veterans to join DAV. To keep this organization growing and to ensure it continues to be the best it can be in fulfilling our purpose.

I look forward to working with my membership recruitment /chapter vitality committee. With all of you hard work, we can make this year the best ever.


The membership recruitment program this year will be focused on:

  • We will continue the $25 or $50 chapter contribution to be matched by the Department for new fully paid life members This program is pretty simple, If the Chapter pays either $25 or$50 toward the full life membership, the Department will match the Chapters contribution as long as the new member pays the remainder of the full life membership at the same time.
  • We also want to focus on our partial paid members and encourage them, or assist them in paying up their life membership dues. We have 481 partial paid members here in MN. I ask that you print out you chapter membership list and look and see who your partial paid members are. Converting them to life does count towards your quota. I am going to ask the Membership Committee and Executive Committee to consider extending our $25-$50 program to apply to partial paid members who go full life.
  • We ask that you look at MN at large chapter list attached (chapter 8). These are members who are not a member of any specific chapter but rather our at- large chapter. I have sorted the list by zip codes. I suggest you look at members within your chapter area and encourage them to transfer to your chapter and maybe get involved. Piz note some of these are out of state..(Probably former Minnesotans who have moved… so if you recognize any of them as former members of your community you might ask them to transfer as well)..And if they do agree to transfer you might assist them in going full life if they are partial paid members.
  • We are going to try something new this year to hopefully provide more vitality to your chapter. The Department Executive Committee has allocated $1000.oo to each chapter to be used to send members to the next year May State Convention (estimated cost could include room, registration, mileage, meals). Our committee will put more meat on the bones as to the details of the criteria/ method to be used but most likely be focused on: Active members who have never been to a convention. New members, women members, members who cannot afford to attend. (Again…more on this later…this is just a heads up to show you we want to improve vitality through the convention experience).
  • We plan to have a session at our Fall Conference in October focused on Chapter vitality/ health…and have some more active chapters share some of their techniques and practices that get our members more involved and active in serving veterans. Let me note when I say involved and active I mean BEYOND chapter meeting attendance.
  • We encourage you to ask your CVSOs in your chapter area to assist you in making new disabled veterans aware of your chapter and encourage membership. Maybe an introduction/ welcome letter from you chapter commander.

I have reviewed several reports from the membership system:

  • MN AT-LARGE CHAPTER 8 membership list (note there are 659 members out there in that chapter who are connected to our chapters). Call them to transfer and those who are partial life…ask them to consider paying their balance.
  • OUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT STANDING (note…we are in 1st place in our division, needing 102 new life members to meet quota, and we are at 99.10% of goal, with current 18,050 members in MN.
  • Our current population summary that shows each chapter breakdown. (Note 10 chapters have met goal so far but others are close! Also note the number of partial life members of 483).
  • If you need help in accessing the membership system, or your chapter membership list, please contact the Dept. HQ or National Membership Department (877-426-2838). We can assist you in accessing reports.  LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

MICK AGUIRRE. Sr Vice Commander / Membership Recruitment Chair