Ice Fishing Trip to Lake of the Woods 2016

low1Well it’s been a tough winter so far as far as the ice fishing goes there is no doubt about that. I personally was a little worried that we wouldn’t even have enough ice to get out on to do any ice fishing and we would be stuck fishing in the boats all year long. But despite taking so long we ended up getting enough ice to have our annual Lake of the Woods ice fishing trip and me personally I had a blast.

Throughout the week we had some great groups out with us and had 29 Veterans all together and even though the bite had slowed down a bit we were able to catch enough to have us a couple of fish fries and just the right amount to help us come up with some great fishing stories. And no I don’t mean fishing stories like how big the fish were but more about the great memories we made. Like I always say it’s always a great time meeting new Veterans and making friendships that last forever. We had plenty of time to relax and get to know each other and find out a lot more about one another once we got out on the ice. Overall we had another great trip with the DAV Outdoors we caught some fish and had fun relaxing in the chill of another MN winter.

John Carson, DAV MN Outdoors Program Coordinator