Dear Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota Chapters, Members and Friends of the DAV,

In these times when more and more people are asking you to share your gifts with their organization we wanted to give your some words to the “whys” about giving to us.

Why is it important to give to the DAV MN Foundation?

Because DAV MN, as we address our purpose and mission, has found over 40,000 disabled veterans across our great State. Our disabled veterans programs are vital to provide these men and women a better quality of life.

Why is your gift important now?

Because DAV MN continues to focus on our purpose to build better lives for our disabled veterans and their families, but we are also pursuing fresh ways to reach out to the newly disabled men and women veterans who have so gallantly served our Country…. to make difference and to have a great impact on their lives.

Why we need you to give?

Because in order to keep moving forward, the DAV MN Foundation needs your help in supporting our programs. It takes us all working together to keep us strong and effective. Our programs success lies in the hands of our past, our present, and our future leaders and investors.

Make an impact today. Please give to the DAV MN Foundation and help us continue to make the impact we are now on Minnesota disabled veterans lives, but, also help us to build a strong future for DAV MN.

Serving you and DAV MN,

The Board of Directors
DAV MN Foundation