Fall Conference Training Survey

Your thoughts and opinions matter. The following are training subjects that may be included at Fall Conference. Please let us know what you’d be most interested in attending.

Fall Conference Ranking

Foundation partnership with Chapters

Learn how Chapters and the Foundation can work together to enhance programs for veterans in Minnesota. We will discuss how the Foundation can hold donations and the criteria that must be met for Foundation to release funds.

Social Media

Social media training can help you understand the fundamentals of social media platforms, tools, and best practices. You can learn how to choose the right platforms for your niche, how to optimize your profiles and pages, how to create engaging and relevant content, and how to measure and improve your performance.

Community & Member Engagement

What do you hope to achieve? What is your main purpose for involving veterans. Where does your engagement fit best? Is there enough time to carry out the engagement properly?

Grassroots Advocacy

What is grassroots advocacy? What will success look like? Who is your intended audience? What are your calls to action? How will you distribute information? How will you use the information generated to better the organization.

Financial Report, Atty General/Secretary of State Filings

What are best practices. When are State Filings due. How do you check the status of a non-profit

Constitution & Bylaws

What is the difference between Constitution and Bylaws. How do the Constitution and bylaws work together. What is the process for changing the Constitution and Bylaws?


The secret to helping more veterans at your fingertips. The new online portal, mydav.org, is a one stop solution. DAV administrative staff members can assist chapters with all their needs, from filing financial and officer election reports to supply order forms. The time for sending paperwork is in the past. Mydav.org allows us to share critical information to make our organization more efficient in delivering services.

Membership 101

What is the history of the DAV and why is it important to be a member. How to effectively recruit and retain members.