DAV of MN Foundation Donor Connection Program Recognized by Governor Mark Dayton

On December 10th, MN Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Larry Shellito and Deputy Commissioner Reggie Worlds presented Gerry Falkowski, Coordinator of the DAV of MN Donor Connection Program, a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of Governor Mark Dayton.

The certificate reads:

This certificate is presented to Gerry Falkowski in recognition of your dedicated service to all Minnesota Veterans and their families through your coordination of the MN Disabled American Veterans ( DAV )  Donor Connection Program. Therefore, with the appreciation and respect of the people of Minnesota, this certificate is presented to:

                                                                      Gerry Falkowski
                                                                    December 10, 2013


( Pictured L-R, Deputy Commissioner Reggie Worlds, Gerry Falkowski, Commissioner Larry Shellito, and State Adjutant of MN DAV, Stephen Whitehead ).

The DAV of MN Foundation program has been serving MN veterans since 2006. The objective of the program is to have the DAV be the contact point and coordinate the efforts of connecting donors in MN who have used durable medical equipment that they would like to donate, to MN veterans in need of the equipment. Gerry uses a Statewide email network to make this happen. The network includes CVSOs, Chapter leadership, statewide nursing homes, MN veterans homes, and other veterans service organization leadership, as well as MN DAV members who have indicated interest in being in the network.

The goal and objective of the program is to bring a better quality of life to veterans and/or their families thanks to donors who have something quite unique to make a difference in the veterans day to day challenges with his or her health and/or disability..


This past year equipment valued over $500,000 has been transferred from donors to disabled veterans in MN through this program. The Donor Connect Program is completely donation based. There is no cost to either the donors or the veterans who receive the donation. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

If you know a veteran and/or family member of a veteran that has a need for used durable medical equipment or have equipment to donate, please contact Gerry Falkowski at (651) 210-1161 or email  [email protected]


More information on the program can be seen in our latest edition of the MN DAV Newsletter.