DAV MN Adjutant Seeking National Office

Dear DAV Minnesota,

After giving serious thought,​ consulting with several PDCs / former National officers here in MN, ​I have decided to ​submit my name as a candidate for National officer in the upcoming National Convention in Denver.  After working for this great organization and with such a hardworking ​and successful ​ Department, I feel that I can help our organization even more by becoming a National DAV Officer.
​I am in my 4th year as your Department Adjutant ​and Foundation Executive Director ​, and have been fortunate to have been mentored by some outstanding MN DAVers., I have clearly realized just how key the DAV is in the lives of our disabled veterans .

I want to also reassure you that I feel very confident that I will be able to still do the job as Department Adjutant/Executive Director at the level I am today.  ​Our team in MN HQ is the best in DAV USA!​

The last resident National CDR that the DAV of MN had was Lyle C. Pearson. I feel that if selected to become a JR Vice National C, I would represent DAV MN with the respect. It is truly an honor for a person to become a National Officer and I look forward to having the chance.

I hope that I would have all of your support as I adventure down this journey. It is because of your leadership​, passion to serve and guidance that I am ​taking this step in my journey serving the DAV and our disabled veterans.

Stephen (Butch) Whitehead
20 W 12th St.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Office 651-291-1212
Fax 651-291-0115
[email protected]