DAV Chapter 7 Bemidji Builds Emergency Ramp for Disabled Navy Veteran 

On June 8, 2015 we received a request by Don Johnson to build a ramp for his cousin Dale Johnson a double amputee Navy veteran, explained Dave Chapter 7 Bemidji Building a Ramp for Veteran PictureSteer, Chapter 7 Commander.  “Dale was scheduled to be released from Neilson Place nursing home on June 11th and needed a ramp
so he could get into hishome.  On June 10th I met with chapter members Ward Erickson, Gene Schuantes and my carpenter friend Mel Spies to make plans to build the ramp. The four of us met at Dale’s house at 10am the next morning and Don Johnson was there with all of the materials we needed.

It was an emergency undertaking but thanks to skilled friends and team work, the ramp was completed by 3:00pm that afternoon.  Dale was release from the nursing home as planned and is now able to get in and out of his home.