Commander David Valtinson Elected State Commander

First of all I would like to say how excited I am to serve as your Commander for another year. I know that I have been set up for success thanks to all of the hard work that Past Department Commander Rob Hartley has put in during the 2013-2014 year. Our reports show that we had growth in all of our DAV Programs especially in our volunteer programs, such as our: LVAP, VAVS, DAV Transportation, and chapter health. Again thank you Commander Hartley for all of your hard work this past year.
I would also like to say that I can guarantee to do my best as your commander this year. It is my personal goal to make the DAV of MN stronger, Larger, and more successful than we already are. This is my second tour as the Department Commander and with my past experience and the guidance from the other Past Department Commanders I know that this goal will end in a mission accomplished.
I look forward to working with our Department staff this year and hearing all of the new plans and ideas that they come up with for the next year. As in the past couple years they have listened to our membership and taken your ideas to make us more successful.
Even with all of our success over the past few years we can always improve on the great foundation that we have set up and in place. I look forward to the challenges ahead of us in making all of our programs stronger and taking them to the next level. I am positive that with our current membership and department staff we can take on any challenge that shows up in our way and I look forward to working through any issues that may come up with you.
Recently the National Commander Joe Johnston and National Adjutant Marc Burgess decided to come and visit us here in MN to see what makes us so successful here. After visiting with us for four days they were very happy with our current operations and services that we provide. When they asked me how we do it the only answer I could give was “Our members are strong and care deeply for what they do. It truly is our membership who makes us stronger.” So thank you for all that you do for our veterans.
So in review I am very excited to be your Commander this year and I look forward to all of the exciting things to come during my time as your Commander. I am very thankful for what you all do for our organization and the services you provide for our veterans. I hope you all have a great summer and I look forward to visiting our veterans and all of our chapters’ right here in MN.