Canadian Fly In Trip

As we made our way north along Interstate 35 in the pouring rain we couldn’t help but think that it may end up raining like this the entire trip todscf1583 Canada. Even once we had everyone loaded in the van and continued on towards the border it kept raining making for quite a long drive. We did make it to the border though and they allowed us cross over with no problems and were very friendly to us even thanking all Veterans for their service. Despite the long rainy ride we did make it to Nestor Falls Ontario and settled in for the night to prepare for our early flight in the morning.
The next morning came and everyone was up early and ready to go catch the flight into the bush. Despite our excitement once we made it to the airport we quickly learned that due to the fog we would not be flying until it was gone which would most likely be a couple hours. So we made the best of it and headed off for a little breakfast and some much needed coffee. Once we returned for our flight we waited for another fifteen minutes and the planes were ready to go. We loaded up and we were air born towards Tang of the North our final destination. It was a short flight to get there but the view was amazing and thankfully the view didn’t stop even after we landed. We got settled into our cabins and everyone was ready to do some fishing so naturally everyone got into boats and hit the water.

According to our hosts at Tang of the North the fishing was very slow but we managed to bring in plenty of fish so that we could have a good shore lunch daily. We caught multiple species including walleye, northern, lake trout, largemouth bass, small mouth bass, and the list keeps going. The fishing may have been slow compared to normal but we had a blast and on top of it we had nothing but the quite of nature and beautiful scenery everyway we looked.

We had one boat that was even lucky enough to spot a moose and her calf by the water’s edge getting a drink of water. What an amazing sight that was. We made lots of new friends and enjoyed our time sitting by the fire, fishing, and sharing the stories of success and heart break while we all shared a shore lunch. We were even able to meet some new friends that worked for the ministry in Ontario and they were great people to meet and were definitely a wealth of knowledge as they taught us about the Canadian wilderness. Our hosts at Tang of the North treated us like kings and gave us an amazing trip and the facility there is in the perfect location and an amazing place to stay. Sadly the day did come though that we had to get back onto the plane and head back towards home even though none of us were really ready to go. We had an amazing experience that none of us will forget anytime soon and we all will remember this trip forever.

Rainy Lake Houseboat Trip

Well the weather was perfect when we started our trip out onto Rainy Lake in a nice big house boat ready to do some fishing and relaxing for the week. Over all we had some great weather for the week only having to deal with a minor rain storm one night but other than that not one complaint could be said for the weather. It didn’t take long for everyone to become friends and get to know each other before the fishing stories were being told. Some fish were huge and some were small but everyone had a story to

We had some very successful days out on the water when it comes to fishing. At one point we had a double come in with a 29” and 39” pike both at one shot both fish put up a great fight and we had a great time bringing them in especially when we realized that we had forgotten our net. But despite forgetting some of our gear we were able to get both fish in the both with great success and definitely had a story to tell about it. We did really well with the pike fishing bringing in multiple fish over 30” and plenty more that were very close. The bass were also biting and we had caught several of them as well with our biggest topping out around 18” which sure put up a good fight.  The walleyes were a little slower than anyone hopes for but despite that we still brought some into the boat and had a great time catching them.

Like with any of our trips you never know what you will find out there but we always have fun and always leave with stories to tell.  Overall we had a great trip and I can’t wait to get back out there and do it again.

Trolling for the Troops

Trolling for the Troops

The 6th Annual Trolling for the Troops is now in the books and let me tell you, it was another amazing year! This is an excellent event which sets Veterans and current Service Members up with a professional fisherman for a day of adventure on the water.

This year more Veterans and Service Members along with the professional anglers participated then in any past year. I had the honor of representing the DAV of MN at this event. As one of the largest outdoor events we participate in along with the other service organizations, Camp Ripley staff, sponsors and supporters this event sets the standard for outdoor events. I would like to thank all of the people so involved with making this event a huge success each year.

If you are not familiar with Trolling for the Troops it is an event held for the past six years at Camp Ripley in MN. The attendees apply in advance and are randomly selected for the slots available. A special emphasis is put on getting new participants involved each year. The Veterans/Service Members arrive the evening prior to the event for a banquet and a lot of door prizes supplied by the amazing sponsors. Starting as early as 0530 the next morning the participants make their way over from the accommodations on Camp Ripley and head out with their professional fisherman to the Mississippi, Mil Lacs Lake or other area waters. At 0800 a good natured fishing contest starts and goes until 1500.

Once everyone is back from their respective fishing holes there is another round of door prizes and awards for Bass, Northern, Walleye and “Wild” (Tires, trolling motors, old boots, etc…) are given out. Thanks to the amazing sponsors ever Veteran/Service Member who participated left with something.

If you haven’t checked out this or some of our other amazing events I encourage routinely visiting and checking out the “Outdoors” section.

Trent C Dilks