DAV Virtual Fall Conference 2020

Virtual Fall Conference-

The DAV MN is proud to announce the rollout of our Virtual Fall Conference 2020 content. The current pandemic forced us to cancel Convention and Conference, but we wanted to ensure you got the updates and information you need. The Executive Committee and staff have put together an excellent set of content on topics that are important to DAV MN members and leaders in professionally shot and edited video.

Starting 10/9/2020 all content, updates, and links will be here:

Topics Include:

  • Commander’s Report
  • Membership
  • Clothing Program
  • New Tool to Easily Complete Your Chapter AFR
  • Transportation
  • Outdoors
  • And MORE..

The DAV MN will also hold Live Virtual Sessions for you to hear more on certain topics and ask questions if you have them. If you would like to submit your question to be answered during the event in advance please send them to [email protected] 

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Chapter Officer Guides: Copies of the Chapter Officer Guides (Updated) have been mailed to the person listed on your Chapter Officer Report to receive mail. 5 copies per chapter. Most of the questions chapters have regarding duties, timelines, roles, etc.. can be answered by the updated version of the Chapter Officer Guide.

UPDATED Chapter Officer Guide mailed to Chapters 10/5/20

Greetings from Adjutant Dilks July 2020


First, and foremost, I hope you all have a fun, and safe, 4th of July. I know this year will look different for many of you, but it is always a great time to look back on where we have been as a country and look forward to where we are going.

I have been doing something very similar for the DAV of MN the last couple of weeks as we approach the holiday. As many of you know our new year as an organization starts July 1st. That means this is the time of the year to look back on where we have been as an organization, and look forward to where we are going.

As we look back, it has been a tough year. A truly unprecedented year for our 100-year-old organization, as we have seen our Chapter’s cancel meetings, our Department Convention cancelled, our National Convention cancelled, our major fundraiser ground to a halt as the economy closed down, but the one thing that wasn’t cancelled is our mission. You cannot cancel our devotion to serve Minnesota’s disabled Veterans and their families. You will see in this newsletter articles from each of our programs highlighting what we as an organization have been doing to continue to achieve our mission, even in these unprecedented times.

As I look back, I am incredibly proud of how we have handled this pandemic, I am proud to be a member of this organization, and I am truly fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as your Adjutant.

Looking forward is the other major part of this time of year, and I am as excited as ever for where our organization is headed. We will continue to expand our services into new areas, continue to pursue new opportunities for new types of service, and continue to remain focused on our mission. The Department of Minnesota anticipates we will spend over $1 million dollars on veterans’ services in FY 20-21 alone. That is a major accomplishment, and something we can all be proud to be a part of.

There will be challenges, and the pandemic appears to be far from over, but I am confident we have built something strong enough to overcome any challenge we may face. We will remain focused on what matter most, serving our Veterans and their families.

Have a safe and joyful 4th of July,
Trent C Dilks, Adjutant

Commander’s Message July 2020

The Fourth of July is a cause for celebration. Fireworks, fairs, barbecuing with family and friends, parades, you name it. We often look forward to this day for months because of all the fun that it brings, but we must not forget why we celebrate in the first place.

We celebrate because on July 4th 1776 we declared our independence from England, as the 13 original colonies, and started what we know today as the United States of America.  So, while we celebrate in different ways with our parties, with families, friends, fireworks, and fairs remember what it truly means to be an American and to be free.

Remember our Veterans, brothers and sisters that fought for our freedom. It’s not just a three-day holiday, it is a time to give thanks to all of our Veterans now in the present and in the past.

During this pandemic the way you celebrate may be different from what you’re used to doing. There may not be fairs to gather at, a fireworks display in town, or large parties but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate America’s birthday at home. Remember to social distance yourself at least 6 feet away from other individuals not in your home, to safely and correctly light fireworks by following the proper procedures, and to stay safe.

We wish we could be celebrating with you all, but it’s important to stay safe during these hard times. Whatever way you decide to celebrate remember to wash your hands often, wear a mask when appropriate, and practice safe social distancing.

Happy 4th of July to you all, stay safe, have fun and celebrate America’s birthday.

Scott Berndt, Commander