Adjutant Update

Hello fellow DAV members,

The leaves are changing color and the temperatures are dropping.  While the seasons maybe changing, the DAV MN hasn’t changed, we continue to be the Leader when it comes to helping the disabled veterans. Each and every month, DAV MN continues to leave a mark in the Veterans Community and helping more and more veterans each day.

Since last time we were all together at Department Convention, your Department officers and Department staff haven’t slowed down. The Department is constantly looking at ways to help each and every DAV MN Chapter be more successful in their community. Here is just a few of the items that you’re Department Officers and Staff have been working on or done since May:

  • Conducted Department Officers training in July to bring all new officers up to speed on what the Department/Chapter is doing
  • Merging one of the Departments Chapters that have been struggling. Merging Chapter 5, South of the River with Chapter 28 Mayo-Hiawatha-Rochester.
  • Chapter key leadership training. In Sept, the Department held our first Key Leaders training in St. Cloud. There were 21 Chapters present with 38 participants that took part in the training.
    • Also conduct Chapter Service Officer “CSO” training and had 6 new CSO’s get certified.
  • Just held our Annual Fall Conference in Baxter MN. We had over 100 DAV members in attendance this year. Thank you to DAV Auxiliary for being part of this year’s Fall Conference.
  • CDR Valtinson and ADJ Whitehead also had the privilege of attending the “American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial” (AVDLM) in Washington DC. It was an honor to be part of such a great ceremony. For those of you that haven’t seen any of the pictures or information on this, here is a link to their facebook.

As you can see, this has been a very busy summer for the Department; however I also know that our Chapters have been just as busy doing things in their communities. These are just a few items/event that our Chapters were busy with;  hosting picnics for their members, having tables on display at their local fairs, and supporting their local veterans in need. One of the bigger projects a Chapter did this summer was Chapter 37 Hutchinson building a brand new building. This was a huge project that will finally be completed this month. I know that there were several other things going on and I could go on and on listing them all. Good job Chapters and keep up the great work.

The DSO’s continue to improve the outreach in the two VAMC’s. The DSO’s are not only doing the HSC role, they both are meeting with veterans almost daily to help them with their benefits.  We recently just hired a Transportation Service Coordinator “TSC” for the Minneapolis VAMC office to allow the HSC the ability to do the DSO role more frequent in the Minneapolis VAMC and surrounding veterans events.  The next time you are at the Minneapolis VAMC, stop in and say hi to Paul.

The Thrift program continues to grow. There are only two Chapters that are NOT involved in the Thrift clothing program. This means that there are 26 Chapters that have clothing bins in their communities and are able to raise money to help their local veterans. This has been a huge success for the not only the Department but all Chapters.

The Department continues to look at ways to reach out to our members and ensure that they are receiving quick and accurate information on what is going on. The Department staff is constantly looking at ways to improve our website. There have been several changes to the Departments website, so I encourage all of you to go check it out.   also, if you are not following the DAV MN on Facebook, you should “like” us so you can get quick and immediate updates.  If any Chapters are doing things in your area and would like the Department to post your event on our Website and/or Facebook please send the Department the information to [email protected]

Till next time, take care and keep spreading the word of “Who” the DAV MN is and “How” the DAV MN can help all veterans.

Your Department Adjutant

Stephen Whitehead