The DAV of MN received a very generous donation from a local motorcycle group with a far reach.

The Classic Panheads page was formed on Facebook in 2013, for the purpose of uniting and educating people from all walks of life, and from other countries, on the maintenance, upkeep, acquisitions, and lore of the Harley Davidson Panhead motorcycle (1948-1965). It is in era that included the chopper culture, as well as the AMA respectable clubs of the day. At its inception, the group was going to be of a higher order and calling. Many of the members are veterans, most have relatives that have served. The need for veterans services has always been a concern, so Greg enlisted the help of the group immediately, and began with T-shirt sales to support DAV nationally.

The idea of an auction began in 2014, and they held their first in Spring of 2015. Members of the page donated items, all relating to motorcycles, to be auctioned off in an open format, using Facebook as the launch pad. The first auction, we were able to raise about $6200. They doubled the goal in 2016! Many items were very unique and had sentimental value to the person donating, but they felt the need and they all stepped up with VERY high prices for everything auctioned. Actor and philanthropist Peter Fonda ( very involved in veterans affairs) donated an Easy Rider  soundtrack LP, signed and with a note of appreciation. This LP sold for $1100 to a very generous bidder! As we continue our relationship with the DAV, we will look for other ways to be involved. As it stands now, Classic Panheads also received donations from Canada, Australia, Germany and South America. It truly is a world stage, and it is a testament to the brotherhood of bikers that folks from other countries would be donating to this cause.