State Commanders August Report:

Returned from New Orleans National Convention, it was a very good Convention with lots of information, you can find lectures on ( web site to get a handle on important information see bottom of this report how to get to web site.

At St Cloud for a Foundation meeting was good, we went through many request for funds, all members present; to St Cloud VA Hospital to visit a member of Chapter 12 who was an inpatient. To Mankato for Chapter Training Session; to Moorhead Subaru Rally set up by Lauri Brooke Becker County CVSO past 1st Jr Vice, she is very active with DAV and Chapter 31, State Chaplin Walter James and Rick Habstritt (one of our Outstanding Volunteer Driver’s) we collected donations for Northwest Transportation Program; to Fergus Falls Chapter 25  to discuss changes in the finance report from National; discussed Fall Conference which will be held in Fergus Falls October 6-7,  to Saint Cloud for Chapter Training Session had a good turnout, it was great training session; talked a few times with Chapter 14 new Commander very impressed with his progress and with Chapter 34 answered questions and gave information new Officers making good progress also. Talked with Chapter 16 Officer; to St Paul for DAV booth at State Fair, the two shifts signed up 9 or 10 new members plus discussed many issues with Veterans that stopped by; to VA Medical Center Saint Cloud for Transportation Committee Meeting, great meeting lots of discussion all members present ready to formulate policy procedure for Executive Committee to review.  Handled several transportation questions from both drivers and Veterans wanting to ride Bemidji van, starting to work on 2018 schedule where Bemidji will run 4 days a week. Very busy month lots of computer time, met many of our great members, anytime I get a chance to meet our members it makes my day, it is such an honor to represent each and every one of you (at one of our meetings a member said, he did not think his thoughts mattered) “all of your thoughts and ideas are important” again we are a team. I drove 2,181 miles and away from home 12 days this month. Signed up three new members, do hope each of you are signing up new members if each of you would just sign up one member which is very possible that would be outstanding! I look forward to seeing you at the Fall Conference in Fergus Falls October 6-7; Chapter Service Officer training on October 5th 1030 hours until completed and the District Fall Conference in Detroit Lakes 21st of October.

May God Bless each and every one of you and your families.
Commander Robert Saddoris

After you have went to   click on donate a large heading will come up colorful dav fulfilling our promises click on this you will come to a screen with several drop downs go to learn drop down to video you will find the information from convention there may be an easer way if so do not know how.