Senior Vice Commander Jarvis Update

Here is a brief overview of activities and assignments your Sr Vice was involved in.
. Attended state convention in Duluth and voted in as 2016-17 Sr Vice Commander.
. Attended Silver Bay lunch and represented Commander Mick.
. Attended and carried DAV flag at state cemetery Memorial Day program.
. Attended and laid wreath at St Cloud VA Medical Center Memorial Day Program.
. Attended OGR in St Joseph (we both got
. Contacted and organized membership
Committee. I believe this will be a strong
and dedicated committee from brief
discussion with members.
. Membership monthly reports issued in a timely manner with reports sent to chapters
Including trial membership and prospect
lists for recruitment assistance.
. Attended executive committee meeting
. Attended Finance committee meeting
. Attended 2 foundation committee meetings . Attended C&A training in Cincinnati . Attended National Convention in N.O.
. Represented DAV at dedication of Veterans
Memorial at Sandstone carrying DAV flag.
Jim Best deserves a personal note from you
for his excellent organizational skills putting
this VERY impressive event on. The event
for the community was well attended and
appreciated by many.

Very busy with chapter. Nearing
completion of training new treasurer. Bike
Run a success and clothing program busy
With my areas of responsibility.

Next 45 days:
. Training at St Cloud
. OGR at Camp Ripley, chapter 12 providing
. Open house at Camp Ripley, contact and
Staffing DAV both for Honoring our
Korean Veterans and educational
Informations on the DAV
. Deer hunt at Camp Ripley, chapter
Support and Department
. Fall conference and Committee

Next quarterly report around December 1.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Jarvis
Sr Vice Commander