Rainy Lake Houseboat Trip

Well the weather was perfect when we started our trip out onto Rainy Lake in a nice big house boat ready to do some fishing and relaxing for the week. Over all we had some great weather for the week only having to deal with a minor rain storm one night but other than that not one complaint could be said for the weather. It didn’t take long for everyone to become friends and get to know each other before the fishing stories were being told. Some fish were huge and some were small but everyone had a story to share.fishing

We had some very successful days out on the water when it comes to fishing. At one point we had a double come in with a 29” and 39” pike both at one shot both fish put up a great fight and we had a great time bringing them in especially when we realized that we had forgotten our net. But despite forgetting some of our gear we were able to get both fish in the both with great success and definitely had a story to tell about it. We did really well with the pike fishing bringing in multiple fish over 30” and plenty more that were very close. The bass were also biting and we had caught several of them as well with our biggest topping out around 18” which sure put up a good fight.  The walleyes were a little slower than anyone hopes for but despite that we still brought some into the boat and had a great time catching them.

Like with any of our trips you never know what you will find out there but we always have fun and always leave with stories to tell.  Overall we had a great trip and I can’t wait to get back out there and do it again.