Outdoor Endorsements

Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing 2017

John, I had a very good time even though the fishing could have been better, of course we can not control that, you and your crew, Dave and CJ were awesome and did a great job.  I would like to commend you on your professionalism and dedication to veterans. I am now a life time member and will be active in our chapter.  I will also get involved in our post fund raising.  Thank you again sir.  (I would like to get a copy of the picture you took and also the name of the person who you work for so I can send an e-mail to him or her.  Hooah.


Canadian Fly-in 2016

Thank you for all you work in arranging the Canada Flying fishing trip.   It was a great event and created a host of very enjoyable memories.

The Tang of the North Resort was an excellent facility.  Mark, Terry, and Pete were great hosts and people I would like to call my friends.  They treated us as family and made the experience more then comfortable and causal.  Great cooks.  There will be vast stories we will tell and share with others.

Camaraderie with fellow vets was magnificent.

Would I go on this trip again?  Yes, Yes, in a heart beat. Many a memory will be shared for years.  I’ll telling a lot of friends and fellow vets of the trip.

You are doing a great service and should be complemented. The DAV is taking care of its Vets.  I really enjoyed Paul (WWII), his stories, and his teaching to play cards.  I hope to be as agile and alert at 95 years old.

I know it is hard to put a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and life styles to be mixed together in close quarters for a week.  But remember we share one common thing, were are all vets and have lived this style before in not so pleasant surroundings at times.  We mixed well and became friends and enjoyed our time together.

You can count on me signing up again for the fly in and try very hard to arrange my schedule to participate in other DAV events.

Thank you again for this trip.


Canadian Fly-IN 2016

The trip was a great opportunity. I thought the trip was magnificent in every way.I enjoyed the fellowship with my fellow veterans. I felt we all got along quite well. For me personally I loved the fishing and the cooking and cleaning of the fish. I had never been on a DAV trip before but I felt comfortable and well taken care of. The food and facilities were great our hosts were welcoming  The setting was relaxing and beautiful. I felt the trip was well planned. John was informative and helpful and a very good leader  I hope this trip is continued and I would be glad to help that to happen. Thanks for everything I haven’t stopped talking about my experience in Canada.