DAV Pro Staff

If you happen to go out on an event with the DAV Outdoors you will most likely meet and be involved with some of our pro staff who will help and assist you throughout the event. They love going out with us and assisting Veterans and all of our pro staff are also Veterans themselves. If you would like to ask them any questions please feel free to contact us.

John Carson

John started working for the DAV of MN in 2012 as a Department Service Officer helping Veterans file their benefit claims with the VA. He joined the DAV Outdoors in 2013 when the program was started and has been helping Veterans get back into the outdoors ever since. John served in the MN national guard for 20 years and is a combat Veteran of Iraq and has deployed overseas multiple times. John’s love for the outdoors has been very beneficial to the program throughout the planning and event hosting phases. He has been involved in the outdoors since a very young age from camping to hunting and fishing and his knowledge and experience has paid off on several of our trips helping to make them a much more enjoyable time.

Dave Valtinson

Dave Joined the DAV in 2004 and became an active member almost immediately so that he could assist and serve Veterans. He has been a very active member for years serving as chapter adjutant and two terms as DAV MN Department Commander. Dave has been involved with the DAV Outdoors since its beginning in 2013. Dave has been very supportive of all Veterans that go with us to our events.

More to follow.