Mid-Winter Conference 2018

Greetings all,


It is time to finalize our planning for DAV Mid-Winter Conference 2018. I hope you are as excited as I am for another great trip to Washington, D.C.


As part of the process leading up to our trip to D.C. I am requesting the following information from the chapters/units sending delegates:


Name of Member:

 Cellphone #:

 Congressional District/or/Zip Code:


Please send that information to me by Tuesday, February 6th, 2018. This information will be used to get your elected officials to attend our DAV of MN Congressional Breakfast on 2/28 and by National to inform members of Congress of your efforts.


I would also like to remind all chapters that the Executive Committee did vote to match up to $300 for attendees of chapter contributions. There is nothing saying a chapter can’t contribute a higher amount than $300, just that Department will match up to $300. The training and advocacy for our disabled Veterans and their families at this event directly lines up with our mission as an organization.


I hope you will consider joining me in going to D.C. and reminding them to “Keep the Promise”. If you have any questions/concerns I can be reached at [email protected] or 651-788-3186.


For your reference, I have attached the previous information sheet to this email. Please forward as necessary.




Trent C Dilks

Legislative Director


(Below is attachment referenced above)

Planning is in full swing for our DAV Mid-Winter Conference in D.C. and I am hopeful we will have another great showing for the 2018 Mid-Winter. In the past DAV of MN has had participation at a level that has made us stand out.

If you have never been, I highly encourage you to take a look at participating in this important event. Each year there is valuable training, networking, DAV National Commander’s testimony and our DAV of MN Congressional Breakfast.

I think it would be great to see each Chapter represented in D.C. so they can bring that information back to their chapter. If a chapter is able to assist with travel expenses, there are some matching funds available from DAV of MN Department. Please call 651-291-1212 to find out more about the Mid-Winter Matching Funds.
The Details

• Dates: February 25th thru February 28th (Please note we will be hosting our breakfast until 1200pm on the 28th so a later flight or leaving March 1st would be recommended)
• Hotel(s): The event will once again be held at Crystal Gateway Marriott the negotiated rate is $195 and can be reserved in our block here: https://aws.passkey.com/event/49473423/owner/1487/home
o Alternatively, if anyone is interested the “Crystal City Marriott” is attached to the same complex where the conference is held, you can get between the two without going outside. Last time I looked their rates were lower than the negotiated rate at the event hotel. Reservations can be made at: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/wascc-crystal-city-marriott-at-reagan-national-airport/?pid=CORPYLP&scid=45f93f1b-bd77-45c9-8dab-83b6a417f6fe
• Event Agenda: It can be found at: https://www.dav.org/wp-content/uploads/2018TentativeMid-WinterAgenda.pdf
o Please note this does not include The DAV of MN Congressional Breakfast on 2/28 from 730am until 1100am in the Cannon House Office Building, Room 334. Refreshments will be provided. We usually get 7/8ths of our Congressional Delegation to show up in person as well as key staffers. Please plan to attend.
• Flights: I highly recommend flying in and out of Reagan Airport if possible. Even if the price is slightly higher, it still may be the more economical choice. Dulles (the other D.C. Airport) is not connected to the subway and does not have a free shuttle. It can cost $40-$70 one way to get transportation to the event hotel, so it adds up quickly.
• Transportation: If you fly into Regan there are free shuttles to the event hotel, or the alternate I gave you. It is also only one stop on the D.C. Metro, which is the most cost effective and simplest mode of transportation while in D.C.
• There will be a more detailed information sheet

This is a great event and I hope you will consider joining, or sending some of your members out for the 2018 DAV Mid-Winter Conference.
Please let me know who will be attending this year by sending your contact information to [email protected]

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. [email protected] or 651-788-3186.
Trent C Dilks
Legislative Director
Disabled American Veterans, Dept. of MN