martFIVE, LLC Makes Major Donation of Hurrycanes to MN DAV

martFIVE, LLC a Minneapolis based retail company, is a company that offers internet marketing of proprietary products, including canes and children toys. Two products many of your most likely are aware of are the HurryCane and Stuffies products.

Recently they approached the DAV of MN Foundation with an interest in making a donation of the HurryCane products.  Many of our members who were at the DAV of MN Fall Conference seen the product and many of you have no doubt seen martFIVES frequent TV ads about the HurryCane. (see at

Rather than further explain the donation, let us share the thank you letter from State Commander Erickson to martFIVE:  On behalf of the Disabled American Veterans organization of MN  and our 18,000 members  I want to sincerely thank martFIVE for their generosity and two donations of 1000 Hurrycanes each over the last two months. We further are excited about your interest in donating Hurrycanes on a regular basis. We have had several membership gatherings where we have made the Hurrycanes available to those in need and I must say we have clearly improved the quality of life for many disabled and aged veterans who have picked up these canes. We have also reached out to the residents in our five MN Veterans Homes spread throughout the State as well as our County Veteran Service Officers in the 80+ Counties, and they too are so very grateful for what they have been able to do to serve disabled and aged veterans as a result of your generosity.

Today, I assisted in the pickup of your second donation of 1000 Hurrycanes and we have reached out to the DAV organization in South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, and over the holidays will be delivering a large share of todays donation to them.

Again, a sincere THANKS to martFIVE…. you are playing a HUGE role in assisting us in performing our purpose of “fulfilling our promises to the men and women who have served”. We look forward to the future donations and your efforts to serve disabled veterans as a partner of the DAV.





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