Legislative Update 6/17/16


 I want to clear up some confusion about the Military Retirees Pension Tax Exemption.

1) It DID pass.
2) It was signed into law by Gov. Dayton as part of the Supplemental Budget Bill.
2a) To be exact it was signed by Gov. Dayton June 1, 2016 at 11:04 a.m.
3) It was NOT part of the Omnibus Tax Bill that was “pocket vetoed” by Gov. Dayton
4) The pertinent wording from HF 2749, 3rd Engrossment(final) and Session Law, Chapter 189 is:

to the extent included in federal taxable income, compensation received from a pension or other retirement pay from the federal government for service in the military, as computed under United States Code, title 10, sections 1401 to 1414, 1447 to 1455, and 12733

 It can also be found at the top in the description of the Bill, “A bill to enact… providing an income tax subtraction for military retirement pay;”

5) Beyond reading the text of HF 2749, 3rd Engrossment(final), I have confirmed (for the second time) this information with Legislative Staff.
6) If you would like to see where I got this information from you can look at HF 2749, 3rd Engrossment, Line 259.30 thru Line 259.34. The text can be found at: 


I hope this clear this up for you. I have been contacted by numerous Veterans in regards to this subject since I sent out our initial release and I understand the confusion.

If you use logic it would seem a tax exemption would be in the tax bill…. This is politics; we can’t always use logic and reason.

Please forward this to all of your Veteran contacts for maximum dissemination. If you do copy and forward please leave my contact information, I am always skeptical of anything forwarded without someone putting their name behind it. Minnesota Veterans scored a HUGE victory this session and they should know about it!

Keep your eyes and ears open for updates on a possible upcoming special session….

As always please contact me with any question or concerns. I can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 651-788-3186.


Trent Christian Dilks
DAV of Minnesota
Legislative Chair
Ph: 320-255-6480 ext 6676