Greetings from Commander Aguirre

I would like to thank the delegates to our annual DAV convention for their support in electing me as DAV State Commander for the year 2016-2017. I look forward to serving the MN DAV organization and its 18,000 members. I would like to congratulate the other Department officers elected, and look forward to working with them on my team. Always keeping in mind that a ” chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” and I plan on pulling hard on that chain to move our organization forward. I must give due credit to my predecessors, for all their hard work and dedication they have shown for our causes. We have many things to be proud of here in Minnesota.

We are currently in 1st place in membership in our division, our transportation program has won national recognition and awards. Our outdoors program is expanding into new areas, like Horseback riding, Canoeing  and many others. This is all due to the recent input from our members which is what we want to strive for. I will be appointing committee  members in the next 30 days, these committees will be key advisors to me and the leadership team. We will be establishing a new committee, MN DAV WOMEN VETERANS COMMITTEE, this committee will be tasked with identifying ways we, MN DAV can better serve and involve our women veterans.

In the area of volunteerism we need to find ways we can involve our youth in our programs. We also need to get our chapter members more involved in  serving our VAMC, veterans homes, nursing homes, and state wide communities. We must build on our chapters success in fund raising through the clothing program. I’ll be expecting  to receive some new ideas about different programs we should be looking into in the future.We have many training and leadership seminars coming up this year. I expect each chapter to send the appropriate amount of chapter members to these events. If there is a monetary concern in doing this please contact me at department. We are always willing to help any chapter.

In closing, I again thank you for the opportunity to lead MN DAV. I promise to serve in the best way I can, ensuring I use the skilled, talented, and passionate members I am surrounded with.

Semper Fi,
Mick Aguirre State Commander