Donate & Volunteer

Your help will improve the lives of Minnesota’s disabled veterans.

Whether you volunteer or make a donation, your contribution is important.

Thanks for your interest in supporting the men and women who have been injured in the service of our nation. Our mission at Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota (DAV MN) is to build better lives for Minnesota veterans and their families.

Your help makes a difference! Find out more about the different ways you can support Minnesota’s disabled veterans by reading through the options below.

Monetary Donations

Would you like to make a monetary donation to DAV MN? There are several convenient options both online, and off. You can learn more about those options and donate here.

Clothing and Durable Medical Equipment Donations

In addition to cash donations, DAV MN also accepts the donation of a variety of quality used goods.

Volunteer for the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota

There are many opportunities to use your time and unique skills to help build better lives for Minnesota’s disabled veterans and their families.

If you’re interested in driving a van for DAV, volunteering at the VA Medical Center, or helping out in another unique way, the national Disabled American Veterans website is your next stop. There you can learn more about opportunities, and fill out the online volunteer registration form.