Commander Update March 2018

One more month closer to our Convention in Rochester May 3-5, if you have not made reservations please do so, let’s all work to make this one of the largest ever and please at least one or more from each Chapter, remember Executive committee has approve a free Convention to anyone from all Chapters who has not gone to a Convention in the past, since each Chapter has new members we should see every Chapter present. Go to for information on the Convention. This has been a busy month however, have not been able to achieve all our goals thanks to Mother Nature. A big thank you to each of you for your time away from your families to volunteer to help Veterans, in so many different ways from just setting and listening to all the other services you so freely give.  Also look at the fishing other events going on around the State from State outdoor program to Chapter outdoor events. Thank you for the large turnout at the Vets on the Hill Rally the biggest thus far, I am very proud of the work each of you do.

My monthly activity


1st returned from Washington DC

2nd Food to Bemidji Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC)

5TH Chapter executive meeting

6th Conference call of Commander Task Force (weather made driving dangers in many areas of state)

7TH Duluth meeting with Savers

11th-12th Cities Veterans on the hill Rally.

13th Took Veteran to Fargo with our auto as our Van was in the shop

14th -15th Computer work DAV

16TH Bemidji Grand Opening of new CBOC

19TH Chapter meeting

21st Cities for Emergency Executive meeting

22nd Computer work

23th Escort Veteran to Fargo for surgery went via Bemidji DAV/VA van

28th Food to Bemidji CBOC

Drove 1,713 miles 157 hours Volunteered 17 days total

Once again thank you for the honor of being Commander this year it has been such a rewarding year to have meet so many of you and represent you at many different events. God Bless each of you and your families; may you each enjoy the spring that is sure to come.

Robert Saddoris, State Commander