CBOC’s in Need of “Busy Bags”

We are looking for more pre-made children’s busy bags to send to the CBOCs.  We have a small supply for Fargo but would like to be able to supply all of our CBOCs with a stash.  Busy bags are a pretty hot commodity around here.  We have heard countless comments of gratitude from Veterans regarding these bags.  They are so grateful to have something to keep their children quiet and occupied while they attend their medical appointments.

I have attached a document that offers some ideas of what to put in the bags.  Veterans and staff tell us that small stuffed animals (like beanie babies), small books, crayons and coloring books go over very well.  We are really open to anything that is fun and not messy.  We would prefer that items like play-doh are NOT placed in the bags.  We also cannot place food items in these bags.

Thank you for all you do to support Veterans and their families!

Karinne R. Davidson, MBA, CAVS
Chief, Voluntary Service
VAVS Leadership Board, VISN 23 Rep.
Preventive Ethics Coordinator

Fargo VA Health Care System
2101 Elm Street N
Fargo, ND 58102

(701)239-3700 ext. 9-3397