Call to Action!

Greetings all:

The session is coming to a close and the partisan malarkey, from both sides, is stinking up the Capitol. This is the time we need to step up as a Veterans community to ensure our lawmakers remember Veteran’s issues, are nonpartisan issues.

There are currently three areas I am greatly concerned with:

1) Many of you may have heard a State Government Finance Bill was sent from the Minnesota Legislature to Governor Dayton. I think it is important to note there was NO funding for the Duluth Veterans Cemetery operations.
In a surplus year to not fund the operations/upkeep of the final resting place for our Veterans, is unacceptable. It is time to send a message
2) The versions of both the House and Senate Bonding Bills left out funding to replace the closed bridge to the Minneapolis Veterans Home.
This is a safety issue. Currently, a large population of vulnerable Veterans can only be accessed by one narrow route if the need for emergency services were to arise.
3) The fund for betterment and improvement at all of the state Veterans homes is essentially empty and there is currently no plan to replenish that fund.

This funding is what is used to make the necessary repairs to ensure the safety and quality of living of our Veterans in the State Veterans Homes.

Please, please join me in letting our elected representatives know this lack of funding for our Veterans is unacceptable. The bill SF 605 is already at the Governor’s desk, meaning this has already passed the House and Senate in Minnesota. That means many of your elected reps have already voted to not fund these issues (1&3).

You can find your State Rep and Senator’s contact information here.

Please keep me posted on your efforts: [email protected]

Trent C Dilks
Legislative Director DAV of MN